White One Slim Shake® Protein Powder - Pineapple Sunshine (6 Cans)

White One Slim Shake® Protein Powder - Pineapple Sunshine (6 Cans)

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The Pineapple Diet Shake

If you’re a person who likes to keep it natural all the way then the new pineapple slim protein shake is the health beverage for you. This slim shake has been incorporated with all the natural and vital nutrients you’d find in natural produces. Not all things that come out of bottles are artificial. Taking care of your concerns we use real dried pineapple pulp and extract for the flavour as well as benefits. This all-encompassing pineapple diet shake on top of having all the natural qualities of a pineapple and fruits in general contains enriched and ultra-filtered protein.

Every serving has the nutritional value of 22.5g of protein emanating 130kcal of energy. That amount of energy taken twice daily with proportionate quantities of food will do wonders for you and keep the doctor miles away. If you’re a working person you can start your day with a glass of this lean protein shake. Understandably, having work doesn’t always leave you with enough time to devote to building your body to your desired shape. This slim shake helps you walk that extra mile without your having to break a sweat.

It may sound simple but it works on a very complex level of organic chemistry that speeds up your metabolism by a considerable degree. This rules out any chances of fatigue or sleepiness pitching you armoured for any battle that lies ahead. All the same, this pineapple protein shake profoundly helps to lose excessive weight, hence this lean protein drink is often celebrated as a weight loss protein shake. The shake sets in motion irrespective of your eating or travelling habits. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’re essentially more inclined to move about less or a workaholic, the effects are always evenly distributed. 

Lean protein or weight loss protein shake also available online has been found to be an excellent protein supplement for gym frequenters. This lean protein shake has a high degree of different essential protein and minerals that are crucial for tissue repair and building muscles. On taking daily you’d start getting results within a few days. With this shake from the heaven with enriched proteins you can shed up to 4-8pounds a month.

There are other health benefits like you can consume this weight loss, lean protein shake before or during working out. Doing that initiates instant work on the agitated tissues and muscles as you work out giving it an ever better chance of recovering faster and building more muscle than normally seen.

This weight loss, lean protein, pineapple shake is unique in its own right. Its nutritional values are more proportionately distributed than any other energy shake you’d see online. In a bottle of 500 g every 100g contains fat worth 7g, cholesterol as low as 0.1g. Other vital nutrients such as sodium and carbohydrate are present in quantities of 0.5g and 28g respectively.

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