White One Slim Shake® Protein Powder - Chocolate Cake (1 Can)

White One Slim Shake® Protein Powder - Chocolate Cake (1 Can)

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Chocolate Slim Shake with added protein

The Slim Shake Chocolate Cake stakes its claims on solid ground. Now reinforced with rich protein and wholesome fibre contents this diet shake caters to all your nutritional deficits. A serving of this slimming diet shake contains not more than 130 kcal with 22.5 g of enriched protein. Such an effective balanced diet neither adds too much nor takes away any more than it should. As a result it provides your body with all the muscle building nutrients melting off excess fat simultaneously and effectively. This amazing protein shake imparts an athletic mould to your body.

The Slim Shake Chocolate Cake immediately takes fatigue off your plate giving new strength and meaning to your activities and life in general. Life for you would never be the same again with this revitalizing diet shake on your side. In other words, you would not need to worry about making time for long hours at the gym in your already busy schedule. This energy protein cake shake has been scientifically proven to help maintain a commitment towards acrobatic goals. Simply speaking, the protein cake shake automatically urges you to stay on your toes channelling enough energy for you to keep going for more.

One bottle contains 500g diet protein shake now available in chocolate flavour to tickle your taste buds. Offering new goals to look forward to at every turn the shake even qualifies as the best substitute for meals. Replacing a meal for a healthy serving of this diet protein chocolate shake does wonders to your body as opposed to what you’d like to think. This drink is so rich in nutrients that you’d lose weight faster than you ever have without feeling starved. The protein shake is so chemically designed that on taking it you wouldn’t feel hungry for hours before it is time for dinner.

Technically it gives you a sense of being invincible acting the perfect supplement to your health. You can even take it to aid your workout regime during or before working out. It provides you with all the necessary components that build muscle and repair tissues. Therefore it goes without saying that it can be adapted as the best supplement for fitness as well. Taking the shake twice daily works better than skipping a meal without needing you to get used to feeling hungry at odd times.

Unlike many complex carbohydrates this diet shake contains little amount of simple carbohydrate and a lot of protein that helps you get the lean look you desire. The protein shake enhances your metabolism so much that you would start losing fat even around your waist which is the hardest to get rid of. Taken daily it will improve your cardiovascular functions and other body vitals by leaps and bounds giving you all the stamina you would require to fare through life.  

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