White One Slim Shake® Protein Powder - Berries & Cream (6 Can)

White One Slim Shake® Protein Powder - Berries & Cream (6 Can)

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Stay fit with Berries & Cream flavoured Protein Shake

Setting high goals is not going to remain the same as before with the new and improved slim shake with real berries and cream. You can now imagine yourself doing all those heavy tasks that seemed so unreal before. This protein slim shake gives you all the energy you’d need to successfully get a grip on things that have always seemed out of your control. Rich berries extract and natural cream essence added to the ultra-filtered protein enhances the quality of the shake by degrees. The combination of cream and berries makes it unlike any other energy shake on the market. 

All the nutrients are so evenly added that the components exercise all their functions in their own respect. Therefore every constituent of this naturally healthy diet protein shake get to employ all its functions freely. Also, unlike other energy drinks or shakes this enriched slim shake does not contain any amount of sugar. Since it derives all its sweetness from Stevia you won’t be putting on any unwanted weight that would have been inevitable if it were sugar. 

Every serving, containing 22.5g of protein generating 130kcal of energy, taken twice daily would help suffice the daily requirement of your body.  This slim protein shake is so designed that you feel naturally galvanized to push the hardest limits of your body and mind irrespective of age. This protein shake with real berry extract is scientifically proven to have healing effects on certain major illnesses. Since berries are known to naturally fight off many vitamin deficits helps you combat a number major diseases including cancer. 

According to John Hopkins School of Medicine including berries in your diet gives your immunity 30% more chance of staving off cancer. Therefore, you’re getting the best of both galvanizing protein and natural fructose extract in this diet shake. The cream gives you the extra energy you’d need to toil with a winding day. Also for health maniacs this seems to be the perfect add on for a heavy weight regime. If you’re on circuit training or building up your core strength you’d need all the calories you can burn to see those muscles emerging. Apart from its food values the slim diet shake plays a crucial role in maintaining your metabolism at an all-time high. Having a high metabolic rate helps you burn all that baby fat faster than any of those fat burning tutorials available online.

The composition of this slim protein diet shake with real berry and cream extract is so dexterously designed that more than adding to your health it takes away more ills than you can ever imagine. With its low cholesterol content this God sent protein shake helps maintain the cholesterol level by reducing blood toxicity. Truth be told, this protein shake alone taken on a daily basis can stand as your saviour of health against germs and diseases.

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