White One Aqua Floss™ - Electric flosser

White One Aqua Floss™ - Electric flosser

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Aqua Floss - Electric flosser

This is an electric flosser that removes and cleans bacteria and plaque between your teeth much better than a regular toothbrush or the usual floss. Aqua Floss is an easy and fun way of flossing and in the same time removes 1.5 up to 5 times more plaque between teeth than a manual toothbrush.

Forget about all hassle with regular traditional floss and also gain a deeper cleaning every day. Don't worry about sore and bleeding gums as one can get with regular floss. The angled brush head reach to all small hidden spaces using a microburst technology that sprays a quick spray of air and micro water drops around your teeth. Aqua Floss is easy to fill up and it also uses a very small amount of water. You can also use a mouthwash for an even better and fresher oral health.

With Aqua Floss includes:

1pcs Aqua Floss

2pcs changeable heads (blue and pink)

1pc charging connector (socket + USB)

1pc Instruction Manual

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