White One Acai Berry (6 Months)

White One Acai Berry (6 Months)

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Acai Berry: The Nutrient Dense Super Berry 


Acai Berry is a super fruit which has numerous health benefits. A staple food to the natives of the Amazon region, these berries are now well-known all over the world for their properties. Acai berries have a dark purple color and they are packed with high nutritional value.  They mainly grow in the rainforests of South America and Central America. 


Acai berries are mostly eaten in the form of puree, paste, powder and pressed juice. These berries have a unique nutritional composition which makes them highly important for creating dietary supplements.


White One manufactures Acai Berry supplements from fresh and pure berries. The supplement is 100 % natural and created from organic sources. Therefore, it is totally safe to use. Besides that, the Acai berry supplement has been clinically tested and proven. It offers the best quality which can upgrade your health, increase antioxidants, reduce cholesterol levels and possibly reduce the risks of having cancer. 


The 5 Benefits of Acai Berries


  1. They supply the right amount of nutrients to your body

Your body requires many nutrients and ingredients to keep healthy and maintain proper functioning. However, food sources do not always fulfil that and it can lead to a deficiency in certain nutrients. The solution to this is to include a complimentary addition to your daily meals. Adding Acai Berry supplement in your diet will supply you with minerals such as copper, iron, chromium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and potassium. 


  1. They are great antioxidants 

Acai berries contain anthocyanins which is responsible for its deep purple color. This is the source of its high antioxidant content. Acai berries eliminate free radicals from the body which could have otherwise lead to diseases like diabetes, cancer, and speed up aging. 


  1. They are known to decrease cholesterol

Acai berries significantly reduce cholesterol levels. This helps in regulating blood circulation and keeps the heart healthy. Cholesterol can thicken the walls of the heart which make pumping blood difficult. It could lead to episodes of heart attack, shortness of breath and coronary diseases. By decreasing these risks, Acai berries have a positive impact on the cardiovascular health. 

  1. They boost the immune system 

Acai berries contain polyphenol compounds. These compounds can reduce the chances of cell mutation, cell damage and malfunction. It works on a molecular level and prevents the proliferation of cellular damage and cellular malfunction. Hence, these berries can also improve and protect the cellular health of your body. 


  1. They have a positive effect on the brain

Acai berries contain antioxidants which prevent the oxidation of brain cells. Oxidation of brain cells can lead to damaged brain cells and it can affect the ability to learn and remember. 


White One offers original and 100 % natural Acai berry supplement. Every supplement that White One provides is clinically tested and goes through quality checks. The supplements are available at competitive prices.


If you want enhanced results, combine this with other supplements that White One offers. Consult your dietician before you start taking the Acai berry dietary pills. 

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