Thank You Key Workers

To all the Key Workers,

The entire world has experienced one of the most traumatic situations in history. However, the ones that suffered the most were people losing their loved ones and all key workers.

You have been an example to follow.

You have worked hard and honourably regardless of your struggles, the stress, anxiety, and depression all this may have caused. Despite the long shifts and how taxing it was on your bodies and minds, you have unselfishly come to work despite risking your lives by exposing yourselves to the virus, If that is not to be a hero, I am not sure what is?

This self-centred world of ours needs more people like yourselves. The great admiration, gratitude, and profound respect our team has for you all cannot be described in words. We are in awe of your resilience and work ethic.

The goal of this small letter is to tell you how much of an inspiration you all are.

An enormous thank you for everything you have done.

From all the team at