Eyelashes - the best hacks

Eyelashes - the best hacks


                                                                                                                                                                                                                     We get it, eyelashes can be a pain to take care of. Between trimming them to the perfect length every night and applying mascara every morning, it can feel like a full-time job. Who said eyelashes need to be a pain? We are about to show you some of the best hacks that make your lashes even better.






Use a strip lash (This is not your average glue-on lash strip)


A simple but effective hack: applying a strip lash. This hack can be used by anyone of any age, including little kids. Simply apply the lashes with your fingers and press them into place with your foundation brush for quick and easy eyelash application.





Use a lash curler!


Though it may seem like a waste of time, using a lash curler can really bring you out. This hack can also be used by anyone who has never used a curler before. It is highly recommended to teens who are just starting to build up their lashes. By using a lash curler (just like the ones you use on your eyes) you'll bring out your natural lashes that much more!


Mascara Brush


If you are applying eyelash extensions, it is highly recommended that you use a mascara brush to apply them. (But this hack also works for natural lashes; just skip steps 1 and 2!) This hack easily gets the job done because it's much smaller than most brushes.


Use an eyelash picker (or tweezers)


This is one of those hacks that are not only great for making your lashes look better, but also to help prevent lash loss.


Use baby oil (or any oil cleanser)


Want to make your mascara and eyelash extensions last that much longer? This hack is for you! All you have to do is rub a few drops of baby oil onto the roots of your natural lashes before applying your mascara. After curling and applying your mascara, carefully wipe away excess oil with a tissue. A quick warning - o be cautious and not l


Use a cotton swab


Make your own DIY lash strip by wrapping a cotton swab in a strip of eyelash extension. Then apply it as you would with an adhesive strip.


Use remover to make eye makeup remover


If you're looking for an even more effective way to remove dried-up mascara or eyelash glue, use a few drops of makeup remover instead. I swear, this works better than the original! You'll be surprised at how much better it gets the job done.


Use or make an oil cleanser and cotton swab (or make your own)


Picking the right eye makeup remover is very important. That's why I recommend using an oil-based makeup remover, like olive, coconut, or jojoba oil. By using an oil-based makeup remover you'll be able to get off every bit of your eyeliner and mascara, without irritating your eyes. This makes this hack one of my favourites.


Makeup brush


To make removing mascara and eyelashes easier, cut a makeup brush in half before using it. It's much easier to get the mascara out from under your eyes this way!



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