Exciting News!

To all our dear customers,

 We would like to inform you all of the changes we are doing and give a sneak peek about the projects we are developing for the next few months.

 On the 18th of October of 2021, we have decided to streamline our processes and reduce the number of brands we work with, to provide the best quality of products at the best possible prices. Consequently, NOW-WOMAN.COM stopped selling some brands.

 The changes we are implementing at present are part of a much bigger and ongoing plan within the company that will ultimately achieve the following:

  1. Get the best prices for our customers on the brands they prefer
  2. Expansion to the European market
  3. Produce our very OWN cosmetic brand. 

 Our Brand of Cosmetics

 We are very excited to share with you that we have partnered with a manufacturer that will materialise our vision into products with high quality ingredients, cruelty free, gluten and paraben free. The next step is to start developing a range of products and this is already in motion. This phase is, usually, the longest. However, the manufacturer assured us that they will focus as many resources as possible to the product development.

When we get to the product testing stage, we will choose some customers to test the products to help us improve it. Keep an eye out for it.

 Expansion to Europe

 Our team of developers are doing their best to allow our system to cope with demand when we expand to the European market. After all the software is finalised, we will be able to start shipping from our E.U. warehouse to Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden.


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 Have a great day.